1-28-2022 Shop Update!!

Winter Survival Kit $140

*** Limited Release Solstice Winter Survival Kits*** Each Kit Contains:  

1 8oz bottle of Elderberry Fire Cider 

1 4oz bottle of Lung Rescue Syrup with Osha root 

1 4oz bottle of Wild Cherry Bark and Elecampagne Cough Syrup 

1 2oz Bottle of Echinacea Tincture 

1 2oz Reishi Chaga Adaptogen Tincture 

1 Ripple Skin Healing Salve 

1 Cold Sore Balm 

***A $140 value for only $110. LIMITED!!  Only 8 kits are available***

Tinctures Starting at $9


-Be Here Now 



-Gotu Kola 

-Milky Oats 


-Stella Blue 

-Worm Wood 

Sprays $12

-Sage and Spirit Smudge Spray 

To Drink $26

-Golden Road Adaptogenic Golden Milk 

For the Skin $10

-Sandalwood Vanilla Dry Skin Lotion Bar 

-Yoni Balm 

-Black Muddy River Drawing Salve 

-Deep Elem