Mugwort Oxymel

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Mugwort Oxymel 1oz  Ingredients: LOVE, Mugwort herb, apple cider vinegar, and honey

Oxymels are wild fermented vinegar infused with herbs and cut with a touch of raw organic honey. They are sweet, tart, and healthful. All oxymels, no matter their herb infusion, are gut balancing, digestive, and detoxing. Oxymels are nutritive and can be taken daily. You can take a spoonful on its own or drizzle it on top of your salad or veggies.

My favorite way to take mugwort is via oxymel. Mugwort's delicate taste blends perfectly with the vinegar and honey.  

As a bitter tonic, she assists with stomach disorders, improves digestion, and prevents parasites. In addition, she is used for sweat therapy, colds, flu, bronchitis, and fevers.

Mugwort circulates the blood, primarily through the lower abdomen and uterus, aiding in menstrual difficulties and cramps, and abdominal pains due to coldness.

Mugwort is a visionary herb and is commonly used in dreamwork, astral travel, and lucid dreaming. 

Adults: Take two droppers full before meals as a digestive tonic, after meals for indigestion.  Women can take the same dose before and during menstruation to regulate menses. . 

The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated this statement. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Contraindications may exist. Consult expert medical advice before using during pregnancy. Keep out of the reach of children.