Lung Rescue - Herbal Syrup

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Lung Rescue Syrup 4oz 
Ingredients: LOVE, white pine, Osha root, mullein, cinnamon, rosehips, sugar, and water. 
This is by far the most beautiful tasting medicine I have created to date. This herbal syrup utilizes the evergreens’ medicines to deliver a heavy vitamin C dose, boost our immune systems, ease coughs and sore throats, and open the breath.  I have called in the powerful energies of Osha root which is revered as one of the top respiratory herbs. 
Testimonal from Arla Foster 
"Carrie has been a severe asthmatic for years and she has morning vomiting of phlegm and white foamy crap. Chris has the exact same thing. So, for decades, Carrie's doctors have been telling her she has GERD and that's not real vomiting. I know it is because Chris has it so frequently. Once I realized her symptoms were not GI but respiratory, I told her to try the Lung Rescue. She felt 100% better in 5 minutes and her YEARS of suffering are over. Whenever Josh feels stuffy or off in the morning, he always asks for "Lesley's medicine", which is Lung Rescue and Elderberry. For him, it works almost instantly. Chris gets the same results as Carrie. I am so happy. I only take it when I am having an allergy-induced asthma attack but it works very quickly for me, too."
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