Bodhi Drip Breast and Womb Massage Oil

Appalachian Alchemy, LLC

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This daily breast and womb massage oil contain foraged sweet violet leaves, white pine, and dandelion, accompanied by calendula and chamomile from this year’s garden. I’ve added in roses and frankincense tears to create a daily breast massage oil to boost circulation, move lymph, dissolve cysts, and build resistance to lumps and tumors.

Ingredients: LOVE, frankincense tears, violet leaves and flower, dandelion leaves and flowers, calendula, white pine, roses, black seed oil, and olive oil.  A 4oz bottle should roughly provide a 1 month supply. 

To use: Try working this oil into your daily regimen.  Massage into breasts and womb after baths, showers, or at your time of self-care.  You can find many videos on the internet showing how to give a full lymphatic massage that I highly suggest.