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Herb of the Month is NETTLE!!

Included in the June CSA: 

Salt of the Earth 

This seasoning is bursting with flavors of the fresh harvest of rosemary, oregano, bee balm, sage, and thyme. Each herb is harvested at peak potency. Nettles give this blend a nutritional boost in minerals. Get creative and try it on soups, sautés, meat, eggs, potatoes, popcorn, and much more. I also love to put a tablespoon on a plate and add enough olive oil to cover. Then, drag some crusty bread through for a great appetizer.  Don’t forget nettles contain calcium, magnesium, trace minerals, chlorophyll, chromium, cobalt, iron, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, copper, sulfur, protein, manganese, selenium, vitamin C, D, K and B complex, and carotenes! 

Abundant Earth Cold Pressed Soap - You know by now that nettle is high in vitamins and minerals, but nettle’s astringent and anti-inflammatory properties make for flawless skin and hair. Aloe is anti-inflammatory and is calming for your skin, making it great for skin disruptions and acne. Use this soap for specific conditions or use it as a daily cleanser. Feed your skin. 

Midsummer’s Night Tincture - We add two other nourishing herbs to our mineral-rich Nettle. Tulsi is an adaptogenic herb known as Holy Basil and the Incomparable One. Like other adaptogens, Tulsi works to normalize and optimize one's physiological response to stress. Milky Oats is the herbal name for the same plant you find in your breakfast bowl, Avena sativa. Before the green seed fully matures into the Oat grain, this food-like herb goes through a "milky stage" when the unripe seed pod is plump with a white, mineral-rich, sweet liquid. This stage is the ideal time to harvest oats as a restorative herb. Reach for this blend when you feel you are burning the candle at both ends. When taken daily over 2-4 months or longer, this herb deeply nourishes the nervous system for overstimulation, depletion, or agitation. She also helps promote restful sleep. Adults use two full droppers daily. This is slow but potent medicine. Give it 3-4 weeks of daily use to see results. 

Lush Growth - Healthy, vibrant hair starts at your roots. Nettle, Horsetail, and Rosemary extracts are rich in flavonoids and bioactive molecules essential to promote hair growth, stimulate the hair follicles, and nourish and hydrate your scalp while delivering potent antioxidants and proteins to reduce fallout and encourage thicker, faster hair growth. Spread drops throughout the scalp and massage. Wait for 5-10 if you can—Wash hair as usual. 

12-page Zine with material media, product instructions, foraging guide, DIY medicine making, recipes, and original watercolor artwork by Carole White at Farm around the bend.  

3 inch vinyl nettle sticker - watercolor art by Carol White 

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