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Mullein Bundle

Mullein Bundle

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Mullein (Verbascum thapsus) is a majestic and versatile plant. This herb has a special affinity (attraction) for the respiratory organs and is a valuable remedy for all pulmonary complaints. The chemicals in mullein might be able to fight earaches, influenza, herpes viruses, and some bacteria that cause respiratory infections. Mullein can be used to help to detoxify the lungs after quitting smoking. 

Products included in kit

  • Lung Rescue Syrup 
  • Mullein Leaf Tincture 
  • Cough Be Gone Tea
  • Garlic Mullein Oil
  • Zine - Mullein Edition
    • Containing Materia medica - ID traits, energetics, actions, and history
  • Watercolor Mullein Sticker

Product Descriptions

Lung Rescue Syrup

This seasoning is bursting with flavors of the fresh harvest of rosemary, oregano, bee balm, sage, and thyme. Each herb is harvested at peak potency. Nettles give this blend a nutritional boost in minerals and vitamins. Superb when used on almost anything from soups and sautéed meat to eggs, potatoes, and popcorn. Lesley loves to add oil to create a bread dipping oil.

Mullein Leaf Tincture

Reach for Mullein when you need support for occasional dry, stuck, or constricted respiratory function. This is especially useful during environmental challenges such as fire and smoke. Also, a supreme herb during winter months to support healthy respiratory function. May be helpful for those who struggle with asthma.

Cough Be Gone Tea

This tea is packed full of herbs that will assist in soothing a dry, scratchy, irritated throat. The demulcent herbs soothe inflamed mucous membranes. Can also be used as a calming digestive tract and filtering organ tea for inflammation of those areas.

Garlic Mullein Oil

Infused with a blend of four flowers and the potency of garlic. Ear oil drops support a healthy response to occasional irritation and encourage balanced immunity on site. These drops are gentle and efficacious. Use as a soothing and potent oil for the ear when occasional discomfort arises. Our ear oil drops are good to have on hand for children and adults alike.


Lung Rescue Syrup: Love, Osha root, white pine, mullein, cinnamon, rose hips, sugar, water

Mullein Leaf Tincture: Love, mullein leaf, alcohol, water

Cough Be Gone Tea: Love, coltsfoot, marshmallow leaf and flower, mullein leaf

Garlic Mullein Oil: Love, mullein flowers, garlic, St. John's wort, olive oil, vitamin E

Suggested Use

Lung Rescue Syrup: Shake well. Take 1 teaspoon as needed. Keep refrigerated. Expires in 6 months, but I bet it wont last that long!

Cough Be Gone Tea: One tablespoon to 8oz of water. Pour boiling water over tea, cover, and steep for 15 min. Strain and add honey if needed.

Garlic Mullein Oil: Shake well. Use one to three drops, slightly warmed oil, one to three times per day.


Lung Rescue Syrup
4oz bottle

Mullein Leaf Tincture
1oz dropper bottle

Cough Be Gone Tea
1oz loose leaf

Garlic Mullein Oil
1oz dropper bottle


Consult expert medical advice before using during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. Keep out of the reach of children.

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