Spring Plant Walk Sunday 4/18

Appalachian Alchemy, LLC

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I'm willing to bet you probably have at least 6 medicinal plants growing outside your front door right now?
Join certified herbalist Lesley Vernon and owner of Appalachian Alchemy for a spring plant walk around Bristol.
This plant walk will introduce you to wild medicinal and edible plants that are growing in your yard! We will learn how to identify these plants when to harvest them, how to use them in food, and make them into your own medicine.
You will learn when and why to use these plants. You will be given a workbook with each plant we discover so you can take this empowering information home and see what's growing in your own yard and surrounding areas. We will create a tea and a tincture of herbs we collect on our walk to be shared once we get back to the meeting place.
Bring a pen, something hard to write on, a blanket or towel if you should want to sit while we spend 5 or so minutes talking about each plant. Please invite a friend! Class size is limited to 12.
Please note there are two events one on Saturday and one on Sunday. I wanted to hold at different dates and times so hopefully, you can fit one or the other in your schedule.
Cost $20
Duration 1.5 hours
Experience priceless
Please bring a mask and social distancing may be required.
No Dogs
Park in the SunnyBrook Church parking lot.