Herbal CSA - Community Supported Apothecary

I delightfully invite you to become a sustaining member of my community-supported apothecary, which focuses on seasonally appropriate local plants and ingredients. This CSA provides a meaningful way to build and sustain your home apothecary for vitality and resilience. 

Appalachian Alchemy’s Community Supported Apothecary began in September 2020 and has quickly become my favorite part of my journey. This program encourages self-care rituals and will connect you with the power of bioregional medicine.  Our knowledge of plants around us, movement with the seasons, and connections to others in our community are crucial in these times.  That is why I include a materia medica card in each subscription. This card contains ID traits, energetics, actions, history and tells you when and why you use this plant. I want my subscribers to develop relationships with these abundant herbal allies and become familiar with the many different ways they can assist us in achieving health and longevity.  

Each small batch product is handmade with love, gratitude, and intention.   Shares may include herbal teas, infused vinegars, oxymels, tinctures, salves, lotions, elixirs, flower essences, syrups, herbal sprays, herbal salts, and various seasonal self-care creations!  Each box will be lovingly curated, attuned to the season of its flourishing, and will come with at least four full-size products, an 8-page Zine, and feature an herb of the month. The Zine is new this year. This mini-book features the herb's materia medica, DIY foraging, medicine-making recipes, rituals, a field guide, self-care techniques, wild food recipes, etc. I have partnered with Carole at Farm Around the Bend to paint unique one of kind watercolor labels and stickers for each one of the products offered. The cost of the regular CSA share is $54 monthly.  

This year, I am offering a second option to make learning about plant medicine more accessible to everyone.   For $22, you will receive the 8-page zine and one herbal product featuring the herb of the month. 

If you are local to Bristol, Piney Flats, Bluff City, Johnson City, Jonesborough, Kingsport, Gray, Boones Creek, Erwin, Chucky, Limestone, and Greenville are eligible for door front delivery once a month through my partnership with River Creek Farms.  Sign up for your herbal CSA via http://www.rivercreekfarmcsa.com/groceries

Check out their excellent CSA shares for fresh fruit and veggies, handmade bread and pasta, eggs, and meat. All local organic goodness is delivered straight to your door. 

No worries, I will ship to all 50 states if you are not local.  You can sign up for the CSA by emailing me at lesley@appalachianalchemy.com with CSA in the subject line. I will respond with all you need to make your decision to become a supporting member of this community. 

Each product was handmade in small batches with love and rooted in the intention for the upcoming month.  I thank you for your support of my local small business and your interest in the medicines our mother earth provides. I wish you health and abundance in all corners of your life.  Sending love to you and yours, 


The featured herb for May is Dandelion 

Dandelion “Near” Castile Soap By adding a small amount of castor oil to this recipe, I boosted the lather while retaining the mildness that makes Castile perfect for those with sensitive skin. Chamomile and Dandelion have been chosen for their abilities to alleviate and soothe rashes and other skin conditions. The calming chamomile scent makes the perfect addition to your nighttime ritual or, honestly, any time of the day. 

Tennessee Jed -This spray was created as an alternative to DEET, chemical name N-diethyl-meta-toluamide. The main ingredient in this spray is Yarrow, one of my favorite insect repellents. Yarrow’s natural oils are known to repel mosquitos and other flying insects. In fact, tinctures made from yarrow are supposed to be stronger than DEET, and dotting some plants amongst your other garden flowers is a sure-fire way to drop the insect population overnight. The latex in dandelion stems has been added to strengthen this repellent. Spray on body, head, socks, clothes, and anywhere else bugs are drawn to bite. Reapply every hour for maximum benefit. 

Roasted Roots Morning Brew -Roasted Roots with Chaga is a hearty roasted, dark, and earthy blend with hints of cinnamon and chocolate. For those looking to quit caffeine or take a break from caffeine, this tea is a wonderful, healthy alternative to coffee that can be enjoyed hot or iced. This tea blend is made with a mixture of adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms.I’m here to challenge those who are doubtful that a caffeine alternative can give them the energy and sustenance they need — give this loose leaf tea blend a try. Use one 1/2 tsp of herbs to every 8 oz of water. Cover. Steep 15 minutes to overnight. If you are steeping overnight for a more robust brew, place the container in the refrigerator. Strain. Enjoy black, or add your favorite sweetener and regular or plant-based milk. I like adding a bit of honey and Silk Soy Vanilla creamer. My favorite way to prepare this blend is in a french press. 

Beltane Bitters A specially formulated herbal tincture that can be used regularly to rebalance the digestive system over time and used acutely upon digestive upset for instant relief from heartburn and indigestion bloating, and gas. Herbalists have a saying, the more bitter, the better. When something bitter hits our tongues, our bitter taste receptors instantly send signals to the gut to get moving!  Take 1/4 teaspoon straight before meals or upon digestive upset to stimulate digestion. Take straight from the dropper by placing it under the tongue or mix with a small amount of water. Take up to three times a day.