Herbal CSA

Appalachian Alchemy invites you to become a sustaining member of our community-supported apothecary which focuses on seasonally appropriate local plants and ingredients. This CSA provides a meaningful way to build and sustain your home apothecary for vitality and resilience.  This program encourages self-care rituals and promises to connect you with the power of bioregional medicine.

Each small batch product is handmade with love, gratitude, and intention.   Shares may include herbal teas, infused vinegars, oxymels, tinctures, salves, lotions, elixirs, flower essences, syrups, herbal sprays, herbal salts, and various seasonal creations!  Each box will be lovingly curated, attuned to the season of its flourishing, and will include 3-4 full size herbal products, plant descriptions, usage/dosage instructions, recipes, and tips to stay healthy throughout the season.  $41 + shipping 

Local to Bristol, Piney Flats, Bluff City, Johnson City, Jonesborough, Kingsport, Gray, Boones Creek, Erwin, Chucky, Limestone, and Greenville are eligible for door front delivery once a month through my partnership with River Creek Farms.  Sign up for your herbal CSA via 


Make sure to check out their amazing CSA shares for fresh fruit and veggies, handmade bread and pasta, eggs, and meat. All local organic goodness delivered straight to your door. 

If you are not local please just shoot me an email for CSA shipment at lesley@appalachianalchemy.com. I will ship to all 50 states.  

Pictured is February CSA offering

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, this CSA is deeply focused on self-love.  It's allllll about chocolate and roses baby!  I am not talking about your traditional store-bought, processed chocolate though.   This month we are tapping directly into the spirit of sacred cacao. When consumed in sufficient quantity and in the right setting, cacao is a powerful catalyst for all types of inner work. I have prepared a personal cacao ceremony for you where you will work with this plant medicine to support your healing & growth. When approached in ritual, cacao will offer opportunities to cultivate greater self-love, awareness, and expansion of your consciousness. In addition to this unique offering, I have packed this CSA with beautiful rose medicine and featured rose as the herb of the month.   On one of my hikes this summer, I came across three towering rose bushes at an abandoned home. I've never witnessed such beauty. The branches were weighed down with untouched full pink blossoms. I spent several days revisiting this bush and clipping her flowers for medicine. She gave so freely and it was truly an incredible and spiritual experience.  I invite you to take some time for yourself this month and nurture your body and spirit with all this CSA has to offer.   I wish you love and health. 

Sending love to you and yours, 


The featured herb of the month is ROSE! 

Cacao Ceremony - Please use the attached instructions to create a personal cacao ceremony for yourself to enjoy when you have an hour or so to dedicate to yourself uninterrupted.  The full ceremonial dose is both packets. If you have not had cacao before, I recommend starting with 1 ounce.  See how it feels and wait at least 30 minutes before consuming more. Please read cautions. 

Rose glycerine - An alcohol-free tincture made with sweet vegetable glycerine. Rose Glycerite acts as a mild nervine, calming anxiety and jitteriness. Many people find it an uplifting and gentle antidepressant.  Take 1-2 droppers as needed during times of emotional overwhelm.  

I Am Beautiful Facial Steam - Transform your skin into a glowing, younger version of itself by introducing herbal facial steam to your beauty routine. The warm steam enhances the blood flow, opens the pores, and helps eliminate the toxins. The botanicals will release all their healing properties through the moisture, and the skin will easily absorb them. Place 2-3 teaspoons of the blend in a bowl and add 3 cups of boiling water. Cover and let steep for 5 minutes. Drape a towel over your head, with eyes closed, lean over the steaming herbs about 10 inches from the edge of the pot. Relax and breathe deeply for 10 minutes. 

Inner Beauty Tea - Try a different approach to healthy skin from the inside out. These herbs assist the body's detox process and support healthy liver, digestive, lymphatic, and kidney function.  Use one teaspoon of tea per 8oz of freshly boiling water, cover, & steep for 10 minutes to maximize benefits. You can use a Keurig cup, french press, tea infuser ball, or boil in water & strain.  Add honey or monk fruit to sweeten and balance the taste.  

Each product was handmade in small batches with love and rooted with intention for the upcoming month.  I thank you for your support of my local small business and your interest in the medicines our mother earth provides. I wish you and yours health and abundance in all corners of your life.