Boneset Tincture

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Boneset Tincture - LOVE, Boneset, and alcohol. 2oz bottle 

This potent bitter-tasting herb is quite special and has long been used during the fall, winter, and spring to support the immune system.  A useful first aid tincture to have on hand during the colder months.  Boneset stimulates the immune response and is best used during the secondary phases of colds and flu (i.e., swelling of mucus membranes and yellow phlegm). Using this herb speeds the resolution of infections, assists in breaking fever, and supports rapid recuperation. The specific indications are upper respiratory infection, especially if accompanied by aches and pains. This includes chronic cough, pneumonia, and fevers.  

This herb was collected at Freedom Island Farms in Elizabethton, TN. Wildcrafted and no sprays are used on this land.  

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