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Chaga Medicinal Mushroom Tincture

Chaga Medicinal Mushroom Tincture

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Apoptogenic Mushroom Tincture 

Double Extracted. 

Considered to be one of the planet’s most effective tonic mushroom medicines, chaga is immuno-supportive, deeply nourishing, and adaptogenic, helping the body best cope with physical and mental stressors and encouraging a balanced state of mind.  The antioxidant activity of polysaccharides (beta-glucans) contained in chaga help maintain cell integrity and fight free radicals. Chaga holds in its form an abundance of phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals. These together help strengthen our immune system, increase energy levels, and reduce inflammation.


Love, New York state wild-harvested Chaga Mushroom, alcohol

Suggested Use

Great to put 1-2 full droppers in your morning smoothie, your coffee, tea, juice, or water to make whatever beverage you have a superfood! This one needs to be added to your daily routine.


1oz or 2oz dropper


Consult expert medical advice before using during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. Keep out of the reach of children.

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