Migraine Kit

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The featured herb of this set is LAVENDER!

Mindbender Migraine and Headache Tincture- Combines the power of Lavender, California Poppy, Yarrow, and Feverfew that were grown in my garden in 2019. For long-term use for frequent migraine headaches, take 1/2 teaspoon two times a day for up to 3 months. Discontinue for 3-4 weeks, and then repeat cycles as needed. For acute situations (at the onset of a headache or migraine), take 1/4 teaspoon every 20-30 min for up to 2 hours. I like this best mixed with a little bit of water instead of taking the tincture directly by mouth.

Lavender Eye Pillow - Made with fresh lavender blossoms, rice, and oatmeal, this eye pillow is excellent for travelers, relieving eye strain, those who have trouble sleeping, naps, meditation, and during yoga savasana. To use, simply lay the pillow over your eyes, lie back, and relax. Breathe deep. You can heat it in the microwave for a few seconds at home. Just make sure not to burn it!

Sage and Spirit Smudge Spray- The water in this spray is tuned to 432hz frequency and charged under the full moon. This universal harmony and combination of herbal oils produce a calm, grounding, and peaceful state in the body. Generously spritz the smudge spray around you and your space before yoga, meditation, while practicing deep breathing, or on your pillow before bed. Try reciting a prayer or mantra for personal well-being, love, and happiness. Visualize the darkness, negativity, or disorder leaving you and your space.

Sleep Tight Magnesium Spray - Magnesium is an essential nutrient found in food, but most people are extremely deficient. It is responsible for over 600 enzymatic reactions, including energy metabolism and protein synthesis. Magnesium plays an essential physiological role in the body and is vital to the brain's health, heart, skeletal muscles, and calcium absorption. This easy-to-absorb form helps raise magnesium levels in the body when applied to the skin. Apply magnesium oil to sore legs and feet before bedtime. Massage in and wash hands after use. If any irritation occurs, follow with coconut oil or your favorite lotion. Great for restless leg syndrome and insomnia.

Each product was handmade in small batches with love and rooted with an intention for the upcoming month. Thank you for supporting small businesses and your interest in the medicines our mother earth provides. I wish you and yours health and abundance in all corners of your life.