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Evergreen Menthol Chest Rub

Evergreen Menthol Chest Rub

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Botanical Menthol Chest Rub to soothe occasional respiratory discomfort. 

It also doubles as a great antibiotic skin salve.  

All-natural herbal menthol chest rub, your perfect companion for soothing relief. Designed to provide comfort during cold and flu season, this chest rub combines the power of herbal extracts with the refreshing sensation of menthol to help alleviate congestion and ease discomfort. 

Unlike conventional chest rubs, our herbal menthol chest rub is free from any artificial fragrances or additives. Whether you're weary from a long day or dealing with a stubborn cough, our herbal menthol chest rub is your go-to solution for natural relief.


Love, infused oils of white pine pitch, white pine needles, eucalyptus, thyme, wintergreen

Suggested Use

Simply massage a small amount onto the chest, back, or throat for immediate relief. The soothing aroma will envelop you, providing a sense of calm and relaxation


2oz tin


Consult expert medical advice before using during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. Keep out of the reach of children.

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